Children Left in ‘Harmful Situations’ in Slough – Ofsted

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2 years after its report criticised the way the council looked after them, Ofsted has said vulnerable children in Slough are still in harm’s way.

The watchdog rated children’s services inadequate for a third time but improvements had been made.

Last October the government removed children’s services from council control and gave them to an independent trust to improve things around.

The department was inspected by Ofsted in November, 7 weeks after it took over the running of children’s services from the council.

Ofsted said adoption services were too reliant on agency staff and required improvement.

Inspectors added: “In some cases, agencies have delayed referring children, leaving them in potentially harmful situations for too long.”

Nicola Clemo,  Slough Children’s Services Trust chief executive, said: “There is still much work to do and we cannot expect all changes to happen overnight.  We welcome Ofsted’s findings and recommendations for Slough.”

Slough was the second children’s services department in England to be moved out of council control following a critical Ofsted report in 2014.


News source: BBC News.

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